2020 3th China(Shanghai)International Green Wood Industry Exhibition


Exhibition time: July 15-17, 2020

Exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (No.2345, Longyang Rod, Shanghai)

Scale of exhibition: 100,000

Sponsor: China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association

Undertaker: Huanyu Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Official website: www.wood-expo.com

FExhibition Profile

One-stop Timber and Wood Solution.” From July 15to July17, 2020 Shanghai International Green Wood Industry Exhibition, together with its multiple branded exhibitions, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (No.2345, Longyang Rod, Shanghai). Merchants will gather in the new expo centre, which has a total exhibition area of 100,000m2. The most influential and power enterprises at home and abroad would join in tens of forum sessions and thesis seminars.The products of the exhibition will also cover the whole wood industry chain, which will bring unlimited business opportunities to all kinds of merchants and audiences. Out of question, the scene shall be wonderful! In 2020, the exhibition will add more design elements and complete audience organization and enterprise service to allow competitive enterprises, and innovative products and technologies to win more extensive markets and channels in China and even the whole world for the first time.

2020 3th Shanghai International Green Wood Industry Exhibition will usher in new growth opportunities again. At the same period, Shanghai International Green Building and Building Material Exhibition 2020 will be held; and the exhibition will aim to promote the application of new technologies, new products, new materials and new processes based on the propaganda of green building theories, technologies and experiences. International merchants from countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and Africa will take part in the exhibition as specially invited by international timber industry organizations to follow the development trends of green, safe, healthy and comfortable building materials. All these efforts aim to build a timber development exchange and cooperation platform that is international, professional and innovative.

FWays of Propaganda

Sharing the 100,000 high-quality buyers resource of Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo and the investment of over RMB 1 million for advertisements.

80+ domestic and foreign cooperative media: the industry media and the economic public media covering the construction, comfort system, real estate, home furnishing, interior decoration and other fields;

500+ print advertisements and network banner advertisements; about over 300,000 characters of press releases adopted by major network media and magazine media in various industries;

100,000 audience invitations to distribute to domestic brands, buyers, distributors, partners, important clients and media by stages.

  200, 000 target audiences are effectively stimulated by 30-phase emails; the phone is called directly to the target audiences in 100,000 times..

We-media (WeChat, official website, etc. ) constantly enable the publicity in 365 days throughout a year without interruption.

FLast review

During the previous exhibition, a total of 953 companies of building materials were attracted from tens of countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Italy. The exhibition scale was 8m2, and cover8 pavilions; totally, there were 880 domestic exhibitors, 73 foreign exhibitors, over 50 forum sessions and product promotion meetings; hundreds media reported this event.

During the three days of the exhibition, a total of 73,225 visitors were attracted, including 69,593 domestic audiences and 3,662 foreign visitors. The exhibition not only attracted the domestic and foreign specialized companies of building materials production and distribution to visit, but also attracted a lot of the units of real estate development, building, design, construction, government industry and other relevant management departments, relevant research institutes, project owners, purchasers and distributors at home and abroad to participate in and concentrate on it.

FEvents of Same Period

During the exhibition, the organizing committee that is associated with many industry organizations, media, brand owners, etc. carefully prepared a lot of activities with different characteristics, including “Green Timber Demonstration Zone”, “2020China International Villa Design Summit”, “China International Wood Industry Application Seminar”, “2020China Building Material Industry Development Forum”, “2020 Procurement Conference of Real Estate Developers and Building Material Vendors” and “New Concept Model Room Appreciation Event”. These activities would further serve practitioners in wood industry. At that time, the cutting-edge opinions and the most outstanding industrial chain resources in the industry will gather here and brands of green building material industry will be able to grasp the pulse of market end reforms and future development trends.

(Note: The specific activities depend on the arrangement of exhibition. We welcome sponsors and partners for some of the activities!) 

FScope of Exhibit

Exhibition Zone for Log Panels: Log, sawn timber, Russian timber, Canada timber, European timber, North American timber, African timber, South American timber, Southeast Asian timber, New Australian timber and varied preservative timber, integrated timber, sawn material, carbonized timber, wooden moulding and wooden products.

Exhibition Zone for Whole Wood Customization and Wooden Products: Customized home furnishing, whole wood, home decoration, wardrobe, indoor wooden door, wooden window, wooden cabinet, kitchen electricity product, bookcase, gradevin, wine cellar, cloakroom, bath cabinet, background wall, shoe cabinet, customized furniture, wooden ceiling, wooden closet, wooden furniture, redwood furniture, wooden stair, wooden partition, wooden screen, wooden wallboard, Roman column, shutter and other customized wooden products, door panels, panels, tabletops, paddle paper and outdoor wooden products.

Exhibition Zone for Panels: Othong panel, shaving board, zero formaldehyde based environment-friendly panel, wheat straw board, plywood, ecological plate, laminated wood board/lumber core, density board/fiberboard, melamine faced board (MFC), flakeboard, excelsior board, acoustic panel, decoration panel, furniture panel, building mould plate, fire-proof plate, laminated wood (LVL), floor base, glulam, wood-plastic board, man-made board, etc.

Exhibition Zone for Veneer: Engineered veneers, splint, natural veneer, floor material veneer, dyed veneer, etc.

Exhibition Zone for Wooden Floor: Solid wood flooring, laminated flooring, solid wood composite flooring, cork

flooring, outdoor flooring and other types of floors.

Wood crafts: Root carving, wood carving, large board tea table, lacquer, photo frame, painting frame, gift, ornament, perfume, etc.

Woodworking Machinery: Hot pressing equipment for man-made board, surface mounting equipment for man-made board, painting equipment for wood industry, packaging machine for wood industry, ink jet printer, dedusting equipment, sawing machine, panel machinery, wood-working machine, tool/cutting tool/grinding tool accessories, drying equipment, wood test equipment, etc.

Varied environment-friendly wooden housing: Wooden villa, integrated housing, wooden structure housing, ecological/leisure log cabin, combined log cabin, vacation log cabin, Japanese log cabin, anticorrosive log cabin, light/heavy wooden structure.

Wooden chemical products: Anticorrosive agent, fire retardant, adhesive, drying agent, coloring agent, wood coating, plate additive, resin adhesive, wax oil, insect-resist agents, modifier and other wood ingredients and accessories.

Profile material of wood-plastic landscape: Wood-plastic housing, kiosk, wood-plastic floor/board, wood-plastic flower rack, wood-plastic barrier, outdoor furniture, wood protection, clean pulping and wood utilization.

FCosts of participation


Standard booth

Charter of bare land


International A

RMB 16,800 (9m2)

1600 /m2 RMB

1. Double opening booth will increase the cost of 10 % on the base of original price.

2.Standard booth 3m×3m; equipment: hoarding, lintel board, carpet, a table and two chairs, spotlights and power socket: 3. people can rent the bare land by at least 36 m2 without any exhibition equipment.

Domestic  B

RMB 15,800 (9m2)

1500/m2 RMB

Advertisements on the journal (Size of journal: 140mm×210mm).

Inside front cover: RMB 12,000 Inside back cover: RMB 10,000 Inside back cover: RMB18,000

Ticket: RMB 5,000/10,000 pcs Color page: RMB 8,000 Gift bag ads: RMB 18,000/5,000 Pcs (dimensions: 295×410mm)

Consultation and contact information:

Huanyu Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Address: 18/F, Ningdong Building, No. 8 Shengze Road, Shanghai

Vanill 86 18917191768